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Sustainable Collaboration: Beekeepers Association of Kenya and the Kenyan Government

Mr. Jackson Masesi, CEO & Director, Bee-Care Apiaries International Limited

The Beekeepers Association of Kenya (BAK), a prominent organization comprising investors in the Apiculture sector, recently conducted a courtesy visit to the office of the Principal Secretary of the State Department of Livestock Development headed by Hon. Jonathan Mueke. The delegation was led by our capable Founder and Director, Mr. Jackson Masesi, who also serves as the Co-Founder and CEO of The East Africa Wax Company Ltd. He was accompanied by representatives from the Hive Ltd, Yatta Beekeepers Ltd, Tendo Apiaries, Maianke, and other key industry players. The primary purpose of this visit was to explore opportunities for collaboration between the government and the private sector, aimed at ensuring the sustainability and economic viability of the beekeeping industry. This meeting was characterized by a shared commitment to aligning their interests with the government’s strategic Bottom-Up Economic Transformation Agenda (BETA) program. The envisioned partnership is set to drive growth, empower local communities, and promote environmental conservation within the beekeeping sector.

Delegation from the Beekeepers Association of Kenya together with Hon. Jonathan Mueke

During the discussions, Hon. Jonathan Mueke, the Principal Secretary, reaffirmed his unwavering support for the Beekeepers Association of Kenya. He emphasized that, as part of the BETA program, the government is committed to identifying key areas for growth and creating a conducive environment to foster the development of the beekeeping sector. This initiative not only reflects the government’s dedication to economic diversification but also underscores its commitment to promoting sustainable practices in agriculture and related industries.

The collaboration between the government and the Beekeepers Association of Kenya holds immense potential. By cultivating a thriving beekeeping industry, we anticipate increased production, the creation of employment opportunities, and a significant contribution to our Gross Domestic Product (GDP). This partnership signifies a promising step toward a future where beekeeping becomes a financially sustainable industry, offering both economic benefits and environmental advantages for our nation.

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