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Propagating Eco-Friendly Development

Sustainable Beekeeping

Sustainability refers to adopting an approach that takes into consideration the ecological, economic and social aspects of processes. It has now become the need of the hour and a significant practice that needs to be cultivated further. The trick to being sustainable is to strike the right balance and work towards reducing the exploitation of ecological resources so as to decrease the impact of our activities on the environment. Our services also include beekeeping education for the new and emerging beekeepers or farmers who are looking to foray into beekeeping.

Beekeeping has existed for over thousands of years around the world. Honey has been procured since ancient times using low-impact tools and without hurting bees in any way. However, recent times have witnessed an increase in the utilization of intrusive equipment as well as in the usage of chemicals to prevent the outbreak of various diseases within the beehives. These are absolutely unfavorable practices for honey bees, which happen to be a very important part of our planet’s ecosystem.

Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd understands the importance of honeybees for humans as well as the environment and encourages sustainable ways to procure honey. Along with delivering high-quality raw honey to end customers around the world, the goal of our company is to help increase the bee population. In keeping with the objective, we particularly stress on instilling the importance of sustainable practices in our beekeepers as well as our customers. We also consciously avoid using Beekeeping equipment and techniques that could be harmful for bees.

Initiative for building a better world -United Nations Sustainable Development Goals(UNSDGs)

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs) is an initiative for building a better world for the people and the planet by 2030. It features 17 SDGs which are a call for action by countries around the world. These goals encourage all nations – developed or developing – to prosper while protecting the environment, and urge them to propagate sustainable development that tackles climate change and preserves oceans and forests. The UN’s Division for Sustainable Development Goals (DSDG) provides support and capacity building for SDGs. It also plays an important role in evaluating the implementation of the agenda.
Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd strongly recommends adhering to the guidelines laid down by the UN for ensuring sustainable development and is actively working towards proliferating environment-friendly techniques in the beekeeping industry. We urge all the beekeepers and other stakeholders associated with us to adopt ethical and sustainable methods to ensure that bees are not harmed in the process of honey extraction, protection of the environment and reduction of human activities that threaten the survival of the bees.

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