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The sole meaning of life is to serve humanity - Leo Tolstoy

Staff Social Welfare

Employee welfare is an important investment for Bee-care Apiaries, our company’s greatest assets are our people, when we look after our Bee-care employees we invest in the success of the company and safeguard our future, and Welfare encompasses physical, mental health and well-being of our employees.

The Workplace environment at Bee-care Apiaries International Limited takes care of its employees’ social needs and employs suitable technological tools that encourage participation, collaboration and teamwork so the offset workers do not feel isolated. Social gatherings, sports, events, celebrations are activities that take place either physically or virtually in our company, this develops relationships and networks that contribute to team building and well-being which helps both the individual and the organization.

Our sporting activity within the organizations develops the physical fitness for our employees and develops talents amongst the youthful employees who can have the chance to identify themselves and exercise their talents with other outside players.

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