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Consultancy Services for Beekeepers

Consultancy and Training

At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we acknowledge that beekeeping consultation services can bring tremendously impact to beekeepers that require guidance to establish or expand their beekeeping ventures. We therefore help with the smooth management of apiaries or beehives. We got you covered from beekeeping to harvesting, from providing bulk honey to bee by-products. Our expertise, dedication, passion, and experience in beekeeping has nurtured several beekeepers to enhance their beekeeping skills, harvest quality honey, and get the best foothold over the market.

We offer consultancy but not limited to this;

Market Access

Producing great quality honey is not always enough. It is also important for beekeepers to have access to markets to get a good value for their produce. At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we understand the importance of this and offer consultations to new and emerging beekeepers regarding the markets they can access. We also offer buyback assurances for honey and its by-products procured by the beekeepers associated with us.

Disease Management

At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we can help you address specific problems – from dealing with an aggressive hive, to assisting with diagnosing pest & disease issues to assistance moving a hive. Bee colonies are at a risk of contracting some common diseases such as American Foulbrood, European Foulbrood, fungal diseases like Chalk Brood and Stone Brood, Viral diseases like Sac Brood Virus and Thai Sac Brood Virus and Nosema Disease among others. Our experienced and passionate team guide beekeepers through the process of nursing the bees back to health and prevent their recurrence.

Hygiene Management

It is essential to maintain proper hygiene within the beehive to ensure the good health of the bees and produce good-quality honey and other by-products. At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we boast a team of professional apiculturists. We offer consultations on the different methods to help beekeepers maintain natural hygiene in their beehives, and ensure that their bee colonies are free from infections and diseases.

Hive Management

Hive Management includes techniques adopted by beekeepers to maintain the proper health of the hives, which will lead to optimum production of honey and its by-products. We offer consultations to beekeepers with regards to the strategies that should be adopted in the different seasons for maintaining their hives.

Honey Extracting

At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we help beekeepers in Kenya and across East Africa in the honey harvesting exercise. We bring and set up equipment, help you pull frames from your hive, help you extract the honey, have Q&A session about bees during the process, clean up, and return frames to the hive.

Floral Management

Floral Calendar is an essential part of beekeeping as the production of honey by bees fundamentally depends upon the flora and fauna of the area where the apiary is located. Bees extract nectar from flowers in the areas surrounding their hives and collect pollen which is used as a source of nourishment for larvae. The nectar is then used to produce honey and other by-products, and a lack of sufficient nectar and pollen may lead to a decline in the population of bees.

At Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd, we offer consultation services that help beekeepers determine the time and duration of the blossoming period and select an area perfect for their apiaries.

Consultancy and Training

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