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Beekeeping Made Easier By Bee-Care Apiaries International Ltd

Beekeeping In Kenya

Beecare Apiaries International Ltd offers end-to-end support to beekeepers associated with us and that includes providing modern beekeeping equipment, beekeeping starter kits and tools to procure honey and its by-products without hurting the bees. Along with simplifying the tasks of beekeepers, our tools are also helpful for sustainable extraction of honey.

We offer tools that are needed to carry out all the procedures involved in beekeeping, right from sheltering the bees to extracting honey. Beecare Apiaries International Ltd offers several beekeeping tools and equipment for sale to help beekeepers effectively and ethically harvest honey and other bee by-products.

The CAB Hive

Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd is the leading supplier of modern cutting edge beekeeping equipment in Kenya and the larger East Africa. Our Cab Hive is a modern enclosed structure designed to comfortably house a bee colony. The design makes it possible for bees to thrive and stay healthy, while the durable structure of the cab makes it last for years together.

Hive Tool

A hive tool is a multipurpose tool designed for beekeeping. The hive tools come in different designs, but all serve two primary functions. First, hive tools separate and lift hive components stuck together by propolis. Second, they scrape off excess propolis and comb. Get the best quality hive tool in Kenya from Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd.

Bee Brush

The beekeeper uses a bee brush with long soft bristles to remove bees from the frames when collecting honey. Beekeepers are always careful not to hurt bees when removing them. It can be used to remove bees from delicate combs, old frames, other bee equipment, and more.

Queen Excluder

The Queen Excluder acts as a barrier to stop the larger bees and drones as well as limit the queen bee’s access to honey supers. This is done to ensure that the queen does not lay eggs in honey supers and the honey remains clean when extracted. Get a quality Queen Excluder in Kenya from Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd.

Honey Extractor

A honey extractor is a beekeeping device used in the extraction of honey from honeycombs. A honey extractor extracts the honey from the honey comb without destroying the comb.  The extractor makes use of the centrifugal force to fling the honey out and keeps the comb intact for reuse. Get a quality honey extractor in Kenya from Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd

Bee Suite

It is a must for beekeepers to have protective gears. No matter how sensitive and careful beekeepers are while extracting honey from their hives, stings are an inevitable part of their job. Our protective Bee Suit is the best surety for beekeepers as it offers the much-needed dexterity and flexibility to them, while ensuring complete resistance to stings.

Bee Smoker

A Bee Smoker is an essential product in a beekeeper’s toolkit. A Bee Smoker is used in beekeeping to calm honey bees. It is designed to generate smoke from the smoldering of various fuels, hence the name. Get a quality Bee Smoker in Kenya from Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd.

Uncapping Knife

The Uncapping Knife is used during the process of honey extraction. The Uncapping Knife helps the beekeepers to remove the wax covering from the combs to extract honey and allows the bees to reuse their cells instead of spending their energy in building new ones. Get a quality The Uncapping Knife in Kenya from Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd.

Wax Sheet

A Wax Sheet or a Comb Foundation Sheet is a plate made of beeswax used in the honeycomb. It is used as a foundation to help bees build their honeycombs on it. To get quality Wax Sheet in Kenya, contact us today.

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