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Bee-Care Apiaries International (T) Ltd - Tanzania

Bee-care Apiaries Tanzania is a subsidiary of Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd in Kenya; The Company is located in central Tanzania in Itigi District, the area is known for the production of quality honey from the surrounding Thickets of Siginda and Miombo woodland forests of Tabora.

Our honey is sourced from 550 small holder traditional beekeepers with 11,000 log bee hives deep inside reserved forests and game parks where no Pesticides or chemicals are found, ideally just pure organic honey that makes our BeecareNaturals Brand a unique one.

Bee-care Apiaries in Tanzania focuses on production of pure honey and beeswax for local and global markets, we are a buyers and marketers of all bee products with global market links. All farmers working with BCAI enjoy mouthful benefits of fair prices, cash on delivery and link to local & global markets.

Bee-care Apiaries in partnership with The East Africa Wax Company Ltd, a joint venture company situated in Kenya aims to deliver the very best quality sustainably sourced Beeswax which will enable the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry customers to create truly natural ethical products, The East Africa Wax Co. Ltd is a fresh new joint venture with Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd aiming to do beeswax differently


Bee keeping is an important component for today’s sustainable agriculture for integrated rural development programs in arid & semi-arid areas in the East African region.

Many farmers in Tanzania do not produce sufficient food or earn sustainable income to adequately support their livelihood hence the need for alternative farming to exploit under-utilized resources is paramount to diversify income and increase food security while conserving environment and biodiversity, Bee-care Apiaries International Ltd focuses mainly on small scale farmers and development of bee keeping sector as a way of ensuring sector sustainability to impact on rural economic development by providing ready markets for honey, beeswax and other related by-products. Bee-care Apiaries International Limited is therefore considered as an agro-processing business-based enterprise that is able to develop healthy linkages between biodiversity (insects and plants) and sustainable livelihood of the people through modern bee keeping technology

We work with poor smallholder beekeepers with very little income with our aim to transform the bee keeping communities and make their lives better through by providing ready market for their organically produced honey and supporting them with inputs that make their work easy and enjoyable. We promote sustainable bee keeping activities and practices that protect and conserve the environment through integrated beekeeping and introduction of new bee keeping technologies that improve production.
We discourage the use of Bark hives that adversely affect forest covers and degradation of the environment. Our purpose is to improve beekeepers lives without affecting the future of our generations through sustainable practices. We do this through sensitization seminars, trainings and adoption of modern technologies.

Bee-care Apiculture Development Program is focused on propagating knowledge concerning the value of bees and beekeeping to the society, environment, and reduction of human practices that threaten the survival of bees

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